Quentin Roy

Quentin Roy


My research focuses on the design and the use of rich applications in the wild. My aim is to improve the expressiveness of human-computer interaction in the go (e.g. in a train or while walking the street).

I leverage mobile devices, wearable devices and cross-device interaction. I investigate novel input techniques, novel input capabilities and novel evaluation methods.

I defended my thesis in December 2015. My PhD was in collaboration with GE HealthCare and was directed by Yves Guiard and Éric Lecolinet.



  • Unit Testing, UI Testing and Mocking with Jest
    (3 hours, 2016—2017)
  • Interaction, Design and Prototyping
    (59 hours, 2016)

Teaching Assistant

  • Human-computer interaction : design, prototyping and evaluation
    (38 hours, 2012—2015)
  • Object Oriented Programming and Java programming language
    (21 hours, 2014—2015)


Program Commitees

  • HAI  (2016—2017)


Speeche & Forums

  • Singapore HCI Monthly Meetings  (2016)
    “Glass+Skin: An Empirical Evaluation of the Added Value of Finger Identification to Basic Single-Touch Interaction on Touch Screens”
  • Invited talk at NUS-HCI Lab  (2015)
    “Improve Interaction with Rich Applications on Multitouch Tablets”
  • Invited talk at SMU  (2015)
    “Improve Interaction with Rich Applications on Multitouch Tablets”
  • IHM Young Researchers Meeting  (2013)
  • DigiCosme Research Day  (2013)
  • Futur en Seine  (2013)