My portrait

Quentin Roy

Postdoctoral Researcher in Human-Computer Interaction

University of Waterloo


I study how people interact with their computing systems, and how computing systems can be leveraged to augment human capabilities. My research focuses on complex activities that require the use of elaborate software integrating diverse functions. I have contributed to reduce human errors, extend user capabilities, and facilitate critical users tasks. My approach can be broken down in three main categories: expressive interaction techniques, investigating how to adapt interaction to the constraints of challenging environments, and how automation can augment user capabilities.


International Conferences and Journals

Understanding User Strategies When Touching Arbitrary Shaped Objects
OctoPocus in VR: Using a Dynamic Guide for 3D Mid-Air Gestures in Virtual Reality
Typing Efficiency and Suggestion Accuracy Influence the Benefits and Adoption of Word Suggestions This paper received an Honorable Mention Award
Quentin Roy, Sébastien Berlioux, Géry Casiez, and Daniel Vogel
(CHI '21)
Expanding Side Touch Input on Mobile Phones: Finger Reachability and Two-Dimensional Taps and Flicks Using the Index and Thumb
Yen-Ting (Allen) Yeh, Quentin Roy, Antony Albert Raj Irudayaraj, and Daniel Vogel
(ISS '20)
A Comparative Study of Pointing Techniques for Eyewear Using a Simulated Pedestrian Environment
(Interact '19)
Automation Accuracy Is Good, but High Controllability May Be Better This paper received an Honorable Mention Award
(CHI '19)
Effect of Temporality, Physical Activity and Cognitive Load on Spatiotemporal Vibrotactile Pattern Recognition
Qin Chen, Simon T. Perrault, Quentin Roy, and Lonce Wyse
(AVI '18)
Movespace: On-body Athletic Interaction for Running and Cycling
Velko Vechev, Alexandru Dancu, Simon T. Perrault, Quentin Roy, Morten Fjeld, and Shengdong Zhao
(AVI '18)
Smartwatch-based Early Gesture Detection & Trajectory Tracking for Interactive Gesture-Driven Applications
Vu Huy Tran, Archan Misra, Quentin Roy, Kenny Tsu Wei Choo, and Youngki Lee
(IMWUT '18)
Follow-My-Lead: Intuitive Indoor Path Creation and Navigation Using See-Through Interactive Videos
Glass+Skin: An Empirical Evaluation of the Added Value of Finger Identification to Basic Single-Touch Interaction on Touch Screens
(Interact '15)
Augmented Letters: Mnemonic Gesture-Based Shortcuts

Workshops and Symposiums

Enabling Multi-Device Interaction On The Go In The MAGI Project
(CHI '16 Workshop)
Manipulation et Analyse d'Images Médicales 3D sur Tablettes Tactiles
Quentin Roy
(Rencontres Doctorales de IHM '13)

PhD Thesis

Techniques d'interaction pour applications riches sur tablettes multi tactiles
Quentin Roy