International Conferences and Journals

Switching Between Standard Pointing Methods with Current and Emerging Computer Form Factors

Margaret Jean Foley, Quentin Roy, Da-Yuan Huang, Wei Li, and Daniel Vogel
(to appear in CHI '22)

Typing Efficiency and Suggestion Accuracy Influence the Benefits and Adoption of Word Suggestions This paper received an Honorable Mention Award

Quentin Roy, Sébastien Berlioux, Géry Casiez, and Daniel Vogel
(CHI '21)

Workshops and Symposiums

Manipulation et Analyse d'Images Médicales 3D sur Tablettes Tactiles

Quentin Roy
(Rencontres Doctorales de IHM '13)

PhD Thesis

Techniques d'interaction pour applications riches sur tablettes multi tactiles

Quentin Roy