Typing Efficiency and Suggestion Accuracy Influence the Benefits and Adoption of Word Suggestions This paper received Best Paper Honorable Mention Award

Quentin Roy, Sébastien Berlioux, Géry Casiez, and Daniel Vogel. CHI '21.
	abstract = {Suggesting words to complete a given sequence of characters is a common feature of typing interfaces. Yet, previous studies have not found a clear benefit, some even finding it detrimental. We report on the first study to control for two important factors, word suggestion accuracy and typing efficiency. Our accuracy factor is enabled by a new methodology that builds on standard metrics of word suggestions. Typing efficiency is based on device type. Results show word suggestions are used less often in a desktop condition, with little difference between tablet and phone conditions. Very accurate suggestions do not improve entry speed on desktop, but do on tablet and phone. Based on our findings, we discuss implications for the design of automation features in typing systems. },
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